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March 08, 2017

Playtime Paris Trade Show: 21st Edition

 New Year, New Start! For 2017, Playtime Paris International Children’s and Maternity Trade Show launches a ‘New Now’ space, just one of the new initiatives for this year.Playtime Paris has always supported new talent in the industry and staying in touch with the aspirations and evolutions of the kidswear market is of utmost importance. The Playtime Trade Shows always have an incredibly unique and dynamic selection of brands attending and for the winter season, the show has nearly 100 brands that will attend for the first time!The ‘New Now’ dedicated space for newcomers to the show,  ‘New Now’ will allow visitors to Playtime to discover 12 new collections from emerging brands, chosen by a professional in the children’s fashion industry.For the AW17 season, the fashion stylist and freelance fashion writer, assistant chief editor of Papier Mache Magazine Deborah Sfez selected the 12 brands that will be showing at the 21st Edition in Paris on January 28th-30th 2017.

The 12 ‘New Now’ brands featured for AW17 are:


Junior Style Blog: Playtime Paris 21st Edition New Now Space and New Blog

Candit BanditsYlur

Junior Style Blog: Playtime Paris 21st Edition New Now Space and New Blog

Vild – House of LittleFrnkys


Junior Style Blog: Playtime Paris 21st Edition New Now Space and New Blog

Tjorven KidsMabli


Junior Style Blog: Playtime Paris 21st Edition New Now Space and New Blog

Owa YurikaPopelin


Junior Style Blog: Playtime Paris 21st Edition New Now Space and New Blog

LulalandManuela Kids


Junior Style Blog: Playtime Paris 21st Edition New Now Space and New Blog


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March 09, 2017

lulaland is Pirouette One to Watch Award Winner in Playtime Paris!!

Original blog post from Pirouetteblog.com 

Playtime Paris had over 500 labels exhibiting this time round so finding the Pirouette One to Watch winners took a bit of footwork, but boy was it worth it. It’s important to say how impressed we were with the brands in the ‘New Now’ space, the emerging talent in this section was really great to see with each label exhibiting their own unique selling points. It was a shame not to have more awards to give out.

Following our London winners here are our Pirouette One to Watch winners from Playtime Paris ‘Children’s Fashion & Accessories’ and ‘Children’s Design’ …  (next stop New York)

The Pirouette One to Watch Playtime Paris Winners

Children’s Fashion and Accessories

Lula Aldunate the designer of Brooklyn based children’s fashion label Lulaland puts a huge amount of work into her collection. The Lulaland collection is incredibly detailed, all the prints are originals designs by Lula, printed on to organic materials. The label has a lovely mix match affect, with the majority of pieces unisex. This is a beautifully fun and conscientious collection of quality pieces designed to last. Lulaland will be exhibiting at Playtime New York this weekend, go check their AW17 collection out. We love the Aztec Pineapple print !


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April 30, 2017

Eyes open: Here come the Playtime “Labels to watch”

Republished with permission from Luna Journal

Last weekend it was time again, the Playtime took place in the beautiful atmosphere of the Parc Floral in Paris. In addition to the numerous playful, pioneering and defining collections for the F/W 17/18 season, the Luna Journal fashion editors devoted special attention to the newcomers in this issue. Which labels should be kept in mind? See our labels to watch:

Labels to watch

Twist it up

Milou & Pilou’s girl fashion for 2-10-year-olds is manufactured locally in Barcelona from fibre to finished product. The young label is inspired by timeless design classics of the 1940s and creates a harmoniously nostalgic twist with modern elements.


Instragam: milouandpilou

Labels to Watch

Greetings from Iceland

YLUR is a homage to the beauty of the volcanic island, its nature and tradition. The knitwear uses a range of natural tones and combines modernity with times gone by. All collection pieces are handmade in Selfoss in the south of Iceland.


Instagram: ylur.is


Labels to Watch

Fashion Statement

Michaela Buerger is the founder and designer of the Parisian knitwear brand that bears her name. She has been charming women for some time now with her unique and innovative designs. Since last year, her range also includes a children’s line. All the knitwear pieces are made by hand in the former Yugoslavia.


Instgram: michaelabuerger

Labels to Watch

A little fox conquers the world

Sitamon Pholdee is a former beauty editor, stylist, and wife of Thai actor Jedsadaporn Pholdee. With Little Fox, she brings a promising and sophisticated children’s fashion label to the European market.

www. littlefoxclub.com

Instagram: littlefoxclub

Labels to Watch

Lula’s loves Layering

Lulaland’s folkloristic designs of European chic originate in a design workshop in Brooklyn, NY, and from the pen of Lula Aldunate. Vibrant colours, playful patterns, and very different textures are wildly mixed and freely combined in layers, according to a mismatching principle.


Instagram: lulalandatelier

Labels to Watch

Under the spell of the Coyotes

With the flair of elegant Parisians and a ”je ne sais quoi” attitude, the girls of the 4th arrondissement do the rounds as “Coyotes”, Parisian prairie wolves. The strong personalities are part of a fictional history hiding behind the young label les coyotes de Paris. At the beginning of 2017, the same company launched their first women’s line.


Instagram: lescoyotesdeparis

Labels to Watch

Tangled up in Welsh roots

In 2015, the fashion designer Lisa Roberts took the plunge and moved back to her native Wales. Since then, she has been designing fashion knitwear made from fine Merino wool for babies and children up to 8 years old. The MABLI collection is based on traditional Welsh tapestry patterns, which date back 100 years, combined with chunky statement pieces.


Instagram: mabliknits

Labels to Watch

The wild ones

Vild – House of Little provides minimalist and high-quality basics for little ones from 0-5 years old according to the criteria for Scandinavian design: form, functionality, and style. The bamboo fibres used are processed in Italy, while production takes place in Portugal.


Instagram: vildhouseoflittle

Images: Brands own
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May 05, 2017

Children Need Art and Stories and Poems and Music…

“Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. “

Wise words from Philip Pullman, who received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2005:

Pullman Philip 2

Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. If you don’t give a child food, the damage quickly becomes visible. If you don’t let a child have fresh air and play, the damage is also visible, but not so quickly. If you don’t give a child love, the damage might not be seen for some years, but it’s permanent.

But if you don’t give a child art and stories and poems and music, the damage is not so easy to see. It’s there, though. Their bodies are healthy enough; they can run and jump and swim and eat hungrily and make lots of noise, as children have always done, but something is missing.

It’s true that some people grow up never encountering art of any kind, and are perfectly happy and live good and valuable lives, and in whose homes there are no books, and they don’t care much for pictures, and they can’t see the point of music. Well, that’s fine. I know people like that. They are good neighbours and useful citizens.

But other people, at some stage in their childhood or their youth, or maybe even their old age, come across something of a kind they’ve never dreamed of before. It is as alien to them as the dark side of the moon. But one day they hear a voice on the radio reading a poem, or they pass by a house with an open window where someone is playing the piano, or they see a poster of a particular painting on someone’s wall, and it strikes them a blow so hard and yet so gentle that they feel dizzy. Nothing prepared them for this. They suddenly realise that they’re filled with a hunger, though they had no idea of that just a minute ago; a hunger for something so sweet and so delicious that it almost breaks their heart. They almost cry, they feel sad and happy and alone and welcomed by this utterly new and strange experience, and they’re desperate to listen closer to the radio, they linger outside the window, they can’t take their eyes off the poster. They wanted this, they needed this as a starving person needs food, and they never knew. They had no idea.

That is what it’s like for a child who does need music or pictures or poetry to come across it by chance. If it weren’t for that chance, they might never have met it, and might have passed their whole lives in a state of cultural starvation without knowing it.

The effects of cultural starvation are not dramatic and swift. They’re not so easily visible.

And, as I say, some people, good people, kind friends and helpful citizens, just never experience it; they’re perfectly fulfilled without it. If all the books and all the music and all the paintings in the world were to disappear overnight, they wouldn’t feel any the worse; they wouldn’t even notice.

But that hunger exists in many children, and often it is never satisfied because it has never been awakened. Many children in every part of the world are starved for something that feeds and nourishes their soul in a way that nothing else ever could or ever would.

We say, correctly, that every child has a right to food and shelter, to education, to medical treatment, and so on. We must understand that every child has a right to the experience of culture. We must fully understand that without stories and poems and pictures and music, children will starve.

Written by Philip Pullman for the tenth anniversary of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2012. More from Philip Pullman here.

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September 28, 2017

The New Fall Collection Cosmic Tribal has Landed!

Our autumn winter collection Cosmic Tribal has landed and it’s magnificent, if we do say so ourselves!

True to lulaland’s signature style for the trendy, free spirits of the global village, Cosmic Tribal dares you to mix and match your favorite prints, including two lulaland originals—African Pineapple and Winter Vines.

100% organic woven cotton slub in enticing shades of celery, Nile blue, coral cloud, and red gingham balance intricate and colorful jacquards, plush, vibrant corduroys, and warm faux fur.

Our generous silhouettes strike the perfect balance of sophisticated and carefree, for girls and boys sizes 2T-10.






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